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Sleepless nights can make your days more stressful and difficult. If you’re suffering from symptoms of insomnia, visit Integrative Medical Center in Irvine, California. Using both conventional and alternative approaches to medicine, Dr. Jing Fang Li and Dr. Po Chen can help you address sleep problems so you get more restful, restorative slumber. Click to book an appointment or call the office to get started.

Insomnia Q & A

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What causes insomnia?

Insomnia is a complex medical condition that may have several contributing factors. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Medical conditions, like allergies, arthritis, or gastrointestinal disorders
  • Unhealthy sleep habits or changes in your sleeping environment
  • Substance use or abuse
  • Chronic pain
  • Medications

Stress can also cause insomnia, or worsen the symptoms. People who travel a lot to different time zones might also struggle with the condition. Insomnia is more common as you age.

What are the symptoms of insomnia?

While you might think insomnia is just the inability to sleep, there are other symptoms associated with the condition. If you have insomnia, you might also be experiencing:

  • Feeling chronically tired or fatigued
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Memory problems
  • Persistent worrying about sleep or lack of sleep

If insomnia is getting in the way of living a normal, healthy life, visit Integrative Medical Center for a personalized consultation about insomnia treatment.

What are treatment options for insomnia?

The best treatment for insomnia involves a holistic, comprehensive approach. Many factors can influence the quality, duration, and timing of your sleep-wake cycle, including hormones, stress, genetics, or diet.

At Integrative Medical Center, your physician creates a customized treatment protocol based on your unique physiology. This includes both Western and Eastern modalities, which might include:

  • Nutrition counseling, supplements, or herbal remedies to support sleep
  • Acupuncture or acupressure to relieve stress and anxiety, and improve immune function
  • Soft tissue therapies to reduce inflammation and tension
  • Lifestyle modifications to enhance sleep quality and restore natural circadian rhythms

The focus is uncovering the cause of your sleep problems and to address your health from a holistic perspective.

How long does it take to see results?

Some people are amazed to find that small changes in their lifestyle, a particular supplement, or acupuncture therapy can improve their sleep right away. Each person is different, but a comprehensive, personalized approach ensures that you’ll gradually start to sleep better and regain lost energy.

To learn more about insomnia treatment, click to book a consultation with Dr. Li or Dr. Chen at Integrative Medical Center, or call the office today. 

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