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Addiction and Chemical Dependency

  • Most effective natural ways to eliminate addictions
  • Quit Smoking with acupuncture completely and long-term
  • Effective for drugs and alcohol dependency elimination
  • Enhance the body’s natural endorphins with acupuncture
  • Effective elimination for cravings and enhances overall well being
  • Complete functional recovery and total wellness

Addiction and chemical are major threats to our society as never before. Addiction is a disease of the brain. It changes the brains functions and biochemistry. It involves the pleasure/reward pathways and the neurotransmitter dopamine. At the Integrative Medical Center, we have helped many patients successfully eliminate their addiction and chemical dependency on alcohol, smoking and various prescription and non-prescription drugs. We do this by using acupuncture and nutritional supplements in conjunction with behavior modification.  

Acupuncture is one of the most natural and powerful treatments in all detoxifications. Acupuncture detoxification is used to help rehabilitate from drug addictions, alcoholism, and smoking cessation as well as sugar and food addictions. It can also be used in conjunction with Western chemical dependency therapy. The basic premise of acupuncture detoxification is total body cleansing, without the need for further pharmaceuticals in the reduction of cravings, anxiety, severe fatigue and sleep disturbance along the road to overall improvement of the quality of life while battling drug addiction. Acupuncture detoxification is also very cost effective. For example, our patients have permanently stopped smoking with less than 5 sessions of acupuncture.

We also place tremendous emphasis on helping patients restore their maximum body function and total health by eliminating toxicity, replenishing deficient nutrients and minerals, as well as recovering optimum neural and hormonal functions.

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