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Designed to maximize energy and decrease the negative effects of stress.

AdaptaMax contains Rhodiola rosea and Schisandra, which have been used in Russia as agents to support fatigue, mental clarity, and memory. In Sweden, Rhodiola rosea has been recognized as an anti-fatigue agent, and in Denmark Rhodiola rosea is registered as a medical product in the category of botanical drugs. Ashwaganada is another adaptogenic herb that helps the body counteract the negative effects of chronic stress. Studies have shown that ashwaganda improves performance, decreases fatigue, and helps to balance adrenal hormone production. AdaptaMax also includes licorice, which has been reported to counteract the effects of cortisol by inhibiting Arenal and thymus atrophy, as well as by reducing cholesterol manufacturing. Finally, AdaptaMax contains Eleuthero, an adaptogen that reduces fatigue and boosts immunity. 

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