Serving the greater Orange County, CA area for over 30 years

Cancer Prevention Treatment and Support

  • Over 25 years of experience working with local large cancer centers
  • Enormous support for cancer patients while going through chemo and -radiation treatment
  • Guiding patients use of complementary and nutritional supplements properly
  • Minimize side effects from all cancer treatments
  • Enormously enhance quality of life
  • Best recovery and long term cancer prevention.

Over the last 25 years we have worked with several well- known cancer centers in S. California and have helped a large number of cancer patients in fighting and preventing cancer. With Dr. Li’s western medicine background she is able to coordinate with other oncologists, coming from China where ancient Chinese medicine has always been part of oncology care for cancer patients, Dr. Li has been able to strategically incorporate complementary and alternative medicine to oncology patients in their each step of cancer fighting: from pre op to post op; pre and post chemo-therapy; radiation treatment;  and recovery stages as well as prevention of cancer recurrences, using acupuncture, nutritional and dietary consultation.

The majority of patients with the complementary and alternative medicine support have experienced much less side effects and are able to have better functions and maintain quality of life. And often, the needs for medications for symptomatic relief are minimized and better recovery of total health and balance.

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